DIY Chirstmas Trees

The holiday season is quickly approaching and what better way than to decorate your home with crafts you and your kids have made. Today we made Christmas trees in preparation for decorating after Thanksgiving. I love these washi tape trees as they are quick to do and you can make them in different sizes for ornaments on the tree, gift tags or bigger to hang on your wall. They would also be cute as a placemat under for Christmas dinner or laid together for a table runner. The possibilities are really endless with this and you can use different washi tape to create different looks. For this project I used a piece of cardboard, you can use any cardboard laying around. I cut mine from a chip box that we had.



I chose several different tapes to create a fun festive look. For the trunk of the tree, I chose to use Jeannine. I loved the brown hues of it and how simple of a pattern it was. Next, I chose the tapes I wanted to use to create the look of a decorated tree. I love a real tree for Christmas so I know I wanted Christmas Pine as it had the look I wanted. I also wanted some pinecones in there so I also added the Snowy Woods to give it that perfect look. Next whats a tree without ornaments and sparkle. To add this element I used the Ornaments washi and the Triangle Party because of its gold foiling to give it that sparkle I was looking for. At the very top, I used Night sky to top the tree with a "star".



I started with the tree trunk and applied the tape straight across. Next, I decided I wanted a diagonal pattern for my tree decorating so I started in the bottom left corner and started working my way up on the diagonal.


I made sure to cut close to the tree trunk but it wasn't perfect. The edges I just folded over so that they wouldn't peel up when kids were playing with it. If you making this as an ornament I suggest going all the way around it so it looks complete on both sides.

As you work up you can either wrap the edge like I've done so it's not sticking to you or you can do it at the very end. You can order the pattern however you like and make it your own at this point.



Once it's completed to your liking use it for decor or as a gift tag or an ornament. Hope this was a helpful tutorial. I want to see what you create and how it went. Feel free to comment on this blog or visit my business page (Two Sweet Berries) on Facebook and leave a picture there.

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